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The Benefits of Shrink Sleeves

| Shrink Sleeves

In the world of packaging design, shrink sleeves are the unsung heroes that not only catch the eye but also provide a multitude of benefits for brands and consumers alike.

So, what are shrink sleeves?

Basically, shrink sleeves are full-body labels printed on a flexographic press, with the text on the inside of the sleeve. It’s then slipped over the container and tightened using heat (hence “shrink” sleeve), allowing the sleeve to conform to the surface of the container, be it a bottle, can, jar, pot…really, almost anything. 

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves are a product that offers many benefits to brands; they provide amazing 360-degree design possibilities, are incredibly versatile on common or specialty containers, are moisture-proof, and are eco-friendly. The sleeve can be easily removed from the container and then recycled which minimizes landfill waste!

One of the most important benefits is durability. Shrink sleeve labels can withstand the toughest packaging, transporting, and shelving conditions to ensure the brand story stays intact from production to consumer.

Compared to traditional pressure-sensitive labels, shrink sleeves are more precise in their application and offer up to a 150% increase in label “real estate” that can be used for telling your brand story, adding regulatory information, or eye-catching decoration.

It all sounds pretty simple, right? It’s actually a bit more complex than just making a sleeve and then heat shrinking it over a bottle or can, especially if the container is an odd shape. That’s where think4D shines! Expertise matters when it comes to your brand, and expertise is what we have.

Three plastic bottles of varying colours

The think4D process starts with understanding the wants and needs of your brand. From there, we can start to consider the most important aspect…the sleeve design and how it will be altered as the sleeve forms around the container. Nobody wants stretched-out logos or distorted product names on their package! Not everyone offers this, but our team of employee-owners has decades of combined experience to ensure that your messaging and graphics stay consistent and readable as it is applied to your container, no matter the shape.

If think4D had a middle name, it would be “customization”! With over 115 years in the print industry, we know a thing or two about printing, and we can meet just about any design customization, so your brand is truly reflected in your packaging. Anyone can put ink on plastic, but our decorations are the showstopper; we understand that advertising is all about the senses and attracting attention! The possibilities are virtually endless, from the standard gloss to matte, glitter, foil, textures, and even scents. 

We’re proud of what we do at think4D, but we’re most proud of our commitment to helping brands every step of the way. We’ll guide you through the process from start to finish, from design to distribution, all the while striving to ensure you feel as good about us as you do your labels. While shrink sleeves are becoming a more common choice for brands, the think4D difference will always be unique.

Let us help you with your shrink sleeves; get in touch today!