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Edge-2-Edge Printed Thermoform

New Technologies Only Available From think4D

Edge-2-Edge Thermoforms lid

Edge-2-Edge Printed Thermoform

Is your business looking to create a lasting impression?

Bright rich color combined with precision print-to-form registration will have consumers noticing your products first. Elevate your brand with think4D edge-2-edge printed lids.

Are Thermoforms Environmentally Friendly?

Yes! Because labels are printed directly onto the inside of Thermoformed packaging, no adhesives are necessary. Rigid PETg plastic can be easily recycled in any recycling facility, making it a great choice for environmentally conscious brands. On average, about 52% of customers make a purchase decision based on the eco-friendly nature of the packaging.

Edge-2-Edge Thermoform

think4D Edge-2-Edge Thermoforms

Textured Thermoformed packaging, be they clamshell, blister pack, or trays & lids, are an exceptional choice for brand managers looking to make their packaging as enticing as the products within, all the while knowing that their packaging is 100% recyclable.

For businesses looking to create a lasting impression, while being environmentally conscious – Thermoformed packages are an exceptional option. Offering full-color, dynamically designed, printed artwork that conforms to the shape of the package. As Labels are printed on the inside of the packaging, your message will remain protected throughout the distribution process and into your customers’ hands.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Edge-2-Edge Thermoform

From Simple Packaging to Stunning Sculptures

If you want to provide a multisensory consumer experience, then Thermoformed packages are for you as they provide an endless supply of options to incorporate your branding into the packaging. It’s highly customizable using think4d’s print-to-form technology, which translates to increased brand recognition and product visibility. Thermoforming also provides the ability to include important information specific to your product such as barcodes, instructions, ingredients or even nutritional information all in one step.

The UV-curable inks used by think4D are highly durable, great for packaging applications that need to withstand the harsh realities of transportation. Also, the inks are typically low viscosity, meaning they dry quickly.

Industry Testimonials

Eye-tracking research demonstrates clear plastic clamshell packaging outperforms paperboard boxes by 402%!”

– Clemson University’s CUShop™

3D tactile packaging increased the perceived value of a product by 50%”

– Rochester Institute of Technology

With Technology Only Available At think4D, We Are The True Experts In Bringing Your Vision To Life.

The think4D team are highly experienced in the specific art of Edge-2-Edge Printed Thermoforms, and will work with you throughout the process to ensure that your project is a complete success; from initial concept and prototyping, to line trials, and finally to distribution. The result is a truly unique and personalized product that will set your brand apart from all the rest.

Edge-to-Edge Thermoforms: Design

With think4D you don’t have to visualize your finished product, you get to hold, touch, and feel it before it goes into production. First, you’ll receive 10-15 digitally printed samples that mimic the final product. When you’re happy with the design elements, samples will then be printed for you to test at your packaging line. This allows you to ensure quality for all production runs moving forward using TAMU, which stands for Target, Acceptable, Marginal and Unacceptable; if something doesn’t quite work, we can modify the design so it does.

Our visioning system and quality control personnel will ensure that all parts produced will meet your expectations. We will also determine the packaging story board that will keep your parts safe and secure during transport, along with any other specifications you require to ensure your parts are according to your expectations.

After the product passes all your requirements in your packaging process, we will then start the first full-production run.

Are You Ready To Take Your
Packaging To The Next Level?

Label Comparison

Label Options 360 Branded Design Accommodates Shapes Eco-Friendly Security Features Waterproof
Shrink Sleeves
Pressure Sensitive Labels
Direct Printing

Industries We Serve

  • Food & Beverage
  • Bath & Beauty
  • Household & Cleaning

Have Packaging That Needs The think4D Touch?

Whether you’re contemplating a new label project, or re-working an old standard, think4D has the design, print, and forming capabilities to help you create packaging they’ll reach for again and again.

Contact think4D to create eye-catching, touchable packaging your customers will love!