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Rigid Boxes

Great Things Come in think4D Boxes

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think4D Rigid Boxes

Just like books and other forms of packaging, boxes tell a story. From concept to creation to fine craftsmanship, think4D takes pride in producing beautiful rigid boxes for your products. There are a variety of specialty decorations, coatings and designs that will make your box stand out and help you build a presentation that is specific to your brand’s needs.

Are Rigid Boxes Environmentally Friendly?

Yes! Nearly all materials used in the creation of Rigid Boxes are recycled, and/or recyclable. Most are even compostable, except for a few decorative features which are easily separated during the sorting process at recycling depots.

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Exquisite Luxury Experience

With flawless design and quality workmanship, think4D rigid boxes ignite a feeling of elegance. Every detail, from textures, special coatings, foils, embossing and more, is a testament to the artistry and skill of the award-winning think4D team. Give your product a sensational first impression with a fully customizable think4D-produced rigid box.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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think4D Process

The think4D rigid boxes can accommodate any size and any shape; the only limit is your imagination! All components of your box are completed in-house, starting with the outside wrap and decoration.

From there, the box and any inserts are created then finished by hand to ensure precision and quality, resulting in a high-end, luxurious product that is sure to give your brand maximum impact!

After more than 100 years in business we know that every project has a story, and we believe that every time a think4D box is opened, the experience needs to tell the story of the products within. We want to help tell your story through the packaging we create for you. Engage your customer with an unboxing event as unique as the products within; offer them a high-end rigid box with luxurious finishes and virtually unlimited decoration options. Our rigid boxes are engineered for a sturdy construction that will protect and secure your products from packing to delivery.

Our Employee-Owners ensure our quality and innovation are unmatched: every component is printed or hand-made in-house and our prompt, friendly customer service team is here to support you and your project throughout the entire process.

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Rigid Box Design

You have the ideas, or maybe you’re not sure what you want. Our team at think4D will help bring your project to life. We have an in-house design team with years of combined experience. They can help you decide on the final look and feel, which coating would present your product best, and which finishes will add that extra touch needed to get your customers excited about the contents within. If you have the final design choices already, that’s great…we can work with your design team to ensure that the final product is replicated with precision.

Rigid Box Development To Distribution

All think4D rigid boxes, and all its components, are produced completely in house, by both machinery and by hand; the trays, lids, custom inserts, wraps, printing, foiling, stamping, die cutting – all under one roof. This means you are guaranteed consistent quality and fewer production delays with multiple suppliers, and fulfillment is as easy as one phone call.

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Industries We Serve

  • Publishing
  • Sports Teams
  • Chocolatiers
  • Jewelry
  • Real Estate
  • Entertainment

Have Packaging That Needs The think4D Touch?

Whether you’re contemplating a new label project, or re-working an old standard, think4D has the design, print, and forming knowledge and capabilities to help you create packaging they’ll reach for again and again.

Contact think4D to create eye-catching, touchable packaging your customers will love!