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The Latest in Shrink Sleeve Sustainability

| Shrink Sleeves

~ By Vern Bergen, think4D Systems & Development Manager

Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word to us.  It’s part of our every day.  Our commitment to the environment is built around making the best use of all our resources and minimizing our ecological footprint.  We strive to take the steps needed to prevent or lessen any adverse impact that might result from our operations and products.  With our Legacy of Green in mind, new at think4D are two products that work hand-in-hand for the ultimate in recyclability that we’re very excited about!

The first is a clear crystallizable PETG heat-shrink film designed for shrink sleeve labels to be reclaimed with PET bottle flake in the recycling process.  When recycling bottles with traditional pressure sensitive labels, the adhesive used is challenging to remove and the polymers used can lower the quality of recycled PET plastic.  This new crystallizable heat-shrink film is easier to recycle and increases the amount of recovered post-consumer resin (PCR) flake because it doesn’t clump in the drying process. This product still maintains its shrinkability across its width while maintaining low expansion along its length, making it suitable for various container shapes. 

Next up is washable ink technology.  Traditionally, conventional printed inks may bleed during the caustic bath phase during the recycling process, discolouring the wash solution and contaminating the plastic so it can’t be recycled as the same product.  These new washable inks at think4D are deinkable from PETG shrink sleeves, and due to the advanced formulation of the primer and ink there’s less bleeding and reduces the impact on the colour of recycled PET.  New clear bottles can be made from the recovered material, contributing to a circular economy.

Why should all this matter to you, aside from wanting to be environmentally conscious in your manufacturing process?  According to the 2023 Buying Green Report, despite prices rising substantially due to global inflation, 82% of consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for products in sustainable packaging.  Of those consumers, 71% of are actively choosing products due to the sustainability factor of the product packaging. 

So, it’s safe to say that the message is clear: sustainable packaging matters.

If your philosophy aligns with think4D’s, let’s get together and work towards a more sustainable future.

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