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In-Mold Labels

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think4D In-Mold Labels

What is In-Mold Labeling, or IML? They are labels that are pre-printed on a thin film and then placed into a mold to be shaped and merged in line with the container. This process reduces packaging steps and creates a strong, highly decorative label for an affordable price.

think4D In-Mold labels (IML) are printed using flexography and UV curable inks, offering bright colors that are very durable. We diecut the labels to your precise measurements to ensure they will run expertly in the molding process. Our packaging specialist will work closely with you and your molder to ensure the labels will run like a dream.

Are In-Mold Labels Environmentally Friendly?

Yes! Your final IML is fully recyclable because the label and container are the same recyclable (even compostable) material. They do not have to be separated prior to recycling, making the entire recycling process more efficient for both the consumer and recyclers.

In-Mold Labels

Elevate Your Brand

Combining bright and rich high-resolution colors with full body coverage that molds to any shape, this type of label will have your product noticed first. The design options are almost endless; think4d’s expert design technician will work with you to create a label that will share your brand’s story and turn heads in the process.

Another great benefit of In-Mold Labels is that they are very durable and can withstand some of the harshest packing, transporting and shelving conditions so that your brand stays true from production to consumer; it provides excellent impact and scratch resistance because the label is permanently fused to the container. In-Mold Labels can also be eco-friendly and fully recyclable (depending on the type of plastic used to manufacture the product).

IML is ideal for brands that have multiple skus and require thin-walled disposable containers for products that have a shorter shelf life.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Design to Digital Proof to Distribution

Experience the think4D Difference!

In-Mold Label Prototyping & Converting

think4D uses a rotary die cutter to cut the labels which allows for tighter tolerances in the size of the label. IML molders require precision cuts for the label to work well during the molding process and the rotary die-cutter ensures the labels are the size they need to be from the top of the stack to the bottom.

Digital proofing, inkjet contract proofs and online review of your think4D digital sculpting helps to ensure your label will appear the way you want.

In-Mold Labels

In-Mold Labels

In-Mold Labels: The Printing Process

think4D draws upon our parent company Friesens 50-plus years of award-winning printing experience. We then combine it with our patented, state-of-the-art manufacturing process to create labels that are printed to be as eye-catching and touchable as you want them to be.

Have questions about whether the In-Mold Labelling process is right for your product? Connect with one of our experts HERE.

We’ll work with you throughout the process to ensure that your project is a complete success; from prototyping, to line trials, and finally to distribution.

Label Comparison

Label Options 360 Branded Design Accommodates Shapes Eco-Friendly Security Features Waterproof
Shrink Sleeves
Pressure Sensitive Labels
Direct Printing

Industries We Serve

  • Food & Beverage
  • Household & Cleaning
  • Cosmetic
  • Entertainment (Event & Theme Cups)
  • Sports & Energy Drinks

Have Packaging That Needs The think4D Touch?

Whether you’re contemplating a new label project, or re-working an old standard, think4D has the design, print, and forming knowledge and capabilities to help you create packaging they’ll reach for again and again.

Contact think4D to create eye-catching, touchable packaging your customers will love!