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Takeaways from the Fancy Food Show

| Edge-2-Edge Thermoform

~ by Lee Kowalski, think4D Accounts Manager

At the end of June, I attended the Fancy Food Show in New York City. More than 29,000 specialty food and beverage industry professionals enjoyed over 2,400 domestic and 56 international companies, across dozens of specialty food and beverage categories.

The food and vibes were amazing! I honestly could have stayed on the International Floor all week and not tried the same foods twice. It took a herculean effort just to leave the Italian Pavillion alone. Every booth’s food offering was soooo good!

At the show, sustainability, recyclability and natural ingredients were seemingly the buzz words for the US/Canadian exhibitors. The Asian, European, African exhibitors definitely have less fear of and are more accepting of plastic packaging (sleeves, tubs + lids) as a whole, while the North American exhibitors seemed to be treating plastic as a dirty word. Unfortunately, the negative misconception and misunderstandings of the plastics industry has deeply engrained itself in North American culture.

While this poor reputation may have been previously deserved, the industry has focused very hard on solutions and options that most people and companies have little access to learn about.  Think4D is committed to helping our partners find the best solutions for their desired packaging footprint; read more about think4D’s Legacy of Green here.

If you’d like to learn more about our Legacy of Green or want more information about our product offerings, please get in touch today!

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