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Shrink Sleeves

Expand Your Brand Story

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think4D Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeve labels are becoming the go-to-choice for packaging specialists looking to expand their brand story by maximizing the real estate on their product offerings. Our shrink sleeves will take your product to the next level ensuring your sleeves run like a dream on your packaging line.

Are Shrink Sleeves
Environmentally Friendly?

Let’s break this down!

Shrink Sleeves use shrink-to-fit technology, so no adhesives are used which makes separation from the container extremely easy – and yes, more environmentally friendly. As a customer and consumer, what are your options?

The use of PET means you have a strong yet lightweight material that can be recycled without separation from the bottle, essentially mimicking the one-substrate format. There is also Low-density PET which is a clean and safe plastic film that separates well in commercialized recycling plants. One of the easiest options is Zipper Perforation, because as the name denotes, the plastic separates from the bottle easily by means of a perforated zipper. Finally, we have the option of Compostable film made from renewable resources and break down as expected in commercialized composting plants.

Sleeves That Run Like A Dream!

Shrink Sleeve labels are becoming the number one choice for businesses looking to promote their brand and get noticed. With over 117 years in the print industry, we know a thing or two about printing!

Our top-notch customer service, award-winning innovation and responsive sales force ensure that your project is treated with the utmost care. Your shrink sleeve labels will display dynamic artwork on your own unique packaging product.

The durability of these shrink sleeves will ensure your brand story remains intact from production to consumer.

Shrink Sleeves

What Our Customers Are Saying

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The printing of the label is done on the inside of the shrink sleeve, protecting your brand message from the elements, as well as bumps and scuffs endured during distribution ensuring your brand story remains intact for customers to see.

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think4D’s Design Is A Flexographic Printing Technique Or Printing On Plastic

think4D’s specialty is a flexographic printing, at times referred to as “surface printing”. Flexo printing is ideal for printing labels, flexible packaging, paper, plastics, cellophane, metallic films, waxed paper, tape, metal foil, cartons, tickets, pharmaceutical packaging, tags, and security applications.

What Are The Advantages and Benefits Of Flexographic Printing?


Flexographic printing presses is a cost-effective print process with a fast set-up time. There is minimal waste in terms of materials, time and resources.


Capable of printing on almost any flexible substrate material. think4D specializes in printing on: rigid plastic, in-mold films and shrink sleeve films.


think4D uses UV curable inks which are highly durable inks great for packaging applications that need to withstand the harsh realities of transportation. Also, the inks are typically low viscosity, which means they dry quickly.


The possibility to integrate other online print processes and converting into a single pass allows for additional efficiency and cost-savings.


Product consistency and quality with the capability to add texture and decorative accents.


A label impressively designed to endure the test of time.

Shrink Sleeves

Complex Shape & Distortion Expertise

We offer a service unique to think4D – our shrink sleeve design service. It’s a service our clients have found to be very beneficial.

Meet our prepress and design coordinator, the person who will make your life and your projects so much easier! Having a designer involved at the very beginning helps the subsequent steps run much more smoothly. For example, he can make suggestions with your shrink sleeve label based on their effects with material selection, lamination, and printing. When you have an artistic, creative designer in your corner, you will have a product to be proud of!

Have Questions About Whether Your Artwork Will Fit Your Package Shape?

Label Comparisons

Label Options 360 Branded Design Accommodates Shapes Eco-Friendly Security Features Waterproof
Shrink Sleeves
Pressure Sensitive Labels
Direct Printing

Industries We Serve

  • Food and Dairy
  • Medical
  • Cosmetic
  • Household & Cleaning
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nutraceutical
  • Wine & Spirits

Let Us Help You With Your Next Packaging Project!

Our team of packaging specialists can guide you through the complex world of shrink sleeves, in-mold labels, edge-to-edge thermoforms, and rigid box from the design process to the end product. We will walk with you every step of the way!