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think4D was built on the desire to create stand-off-the-shelf packaging. This ambition combined with the passion of our employee owners drives us to develop comprehensive packaging solutions for large and small brands.

Packaging is an extension of a product on shelf, communicating a message to consumers in store. Our specialization in creative design, print decorations and the exclusive think4D tactile packaging helps brands connect directly with consumers, giving a lasting impact of quality and attraction.

Our technology is breaking new ground in the market, and together with our exceptional Design, Sales and Packaging Specialist teams, I look forward to adding new dimension and excitement to your next packaging project.

Mike Fehr,
President of think4D

Vision & Values

OUR VISION is to be the Premier Print and Packaging Manufacturer in North America.

OUR VALUES guide our actions and frame our decisions.  think4D is more than just a packaging company; we’re a group of employee-owners who are in constant pursuit of the highest quality craftsmanship in our trade.