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Packaging that gets Attention!

think4D Packaging that gets Attention

think4D® technology introduces print-to-form register that turns a simple blister into a stunning sculpture! This incredible technology registers the forming to within 1mm of print allowing your graphics to pop off the package and grab the consumer’s attention. Additional benefits of printed blisters is the reduction of components simplifying the packaging process and improving the environmental impact.

think4d brings Packaging Decorations to Shape!

think4D® is always expanding its product offering to delight you with more opportunities to dazzle your customer’s senses. New to our product line is Shrink Sleeves and Luxury Rigid Box! True to our brand, bringing decoration to shape, these products have the opportunity to be highly decorated premium products elevating your brand in the marketplace. Decoration is our specialty but there are times when the standard packaging is the right choice and is still available.

The continual challenge to get noticed among the millions of products that crowd the shelves is an ever growing obstacle for manufacturers and packagers alike. Whether its rigid box, blisters or shrink sleeves, the package needs to serve the purpose of protecting the product but it also needs to engage the senses of the consumer prompting them to take the product off the shelf. Decorations like Foil and Glitter will dazzle, Gritty UV and Soft-Touch will excite you while Rub ‘N Scent will transport you, let our designers take your customers on an amazing journey through their senses.

think4D® is always developing new ways to decorate and engage more senses with the packages we create and design. Extensive research has been done to understand what grabs the attention of the consumers engaging their senses, bringing life to your packaging and impacting the perceived value of the products within.

We work hard to create designs that communicate your vision while providing quality construction!

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Vision & Values

OUR VISION is to be the Premier Print and Packaging Manufacturer in North America.

OUR VALUES guide our actions and frame our decisions.  think4D is more than just a packaging company; we’re a group of employee-owners who are in constant pursuit of the highest quality craftsmanship in our trade.



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