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Overcoming Challenges With Cutting Edge Solutions

| In-Mold Labels

~ by Murray Kehler, think4D Operations Manager

In-mold label (IML) manufacturing is among our packaging product offerings here at think4D. We focus on niche products in the IML space, and we have solved not one, but two common problems in the IML market.

  1. Lack of decorations available on the market
    Surprisingly, there are very few decorating options when it comes to IML products. Through hard work and dedicated R&D effort, we have commercialized eye-catching embellishments for IML including glitter, foil, gritty matte, pearlescent, texture and thermochromic decorations. While these decorations come at a small premium over standard labels, the luxurious and premium look and feel of these labels is unmatched in the industry.
  2. Inherent label size and quality challenges
    Label sizes and quality challenges are typical of our competitor’s production processes. Gone are the days when the only option is sheetfed, high die manufacturing for these labels. When cut in stacks using the high die process, the labels contort resulting in inconsistent size throughout the stack. These labels also suffer from edge welding from the high die. These typical defects drive up scrap rates and hurt the quality of the finished product aesthetics. But for think4D, solving our customer’s challenges is our top priority! We have perfected an individual label die-cutting process, resulting in industry leading label size tolerances and repeatability, and because they are cut and stacked individually, edge welding is nonexistent. Our labels perform exceptionally well, even under the most challenging of molding conditions. All this, with the industry’s best looking, premium decorations!

So, for those seeking highly decorated in-mold labels with industry leading performance in the molding process, I encourage you to reach out to our knowledgeable sales representatives for more information or ask about our sample packages.

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