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Meet the Team – Lee Kowalski

| Edge-2-Edge Thermoform

Account Manager Lee Kowalski has been a part of the think4D team for only five months but when your work is so enjoyable, it feels like a lot longer! His inner child still believes in NHL stardom, but his adult self has embraced his present job with enthusiasm! Lee finds himself motivated by the learning process of new experiences, meeting new people and by helping his team members move forward. He is a firm believer in surrounding himself with positive like-minded people, where there is mutual encouragement to succeed and achieve the same goals. Being in sales involves a lot of great communication skills, and Lee feels confident that he could out-talk a four-year-old, which is not as easy as it sounds.

Aside from work, diet pop and Nespresso coffee, Lee is passionate about spending time with his family, and his 2 dogs + 2 cats as well as watching sports and coaching hockey. His love for people and animals has moved him to support worthy causes such as Cancer Care and the Humane Society. Lee finds wisdom is this simple principle of life:

There are 4 things in life you cannot get back:

  1. The word after it’s spoken.
  2. The opportunity after it’s missed.
  3. Trust after it’s lost.
  4. Time after it’s gone. 

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