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Meet the Team – Adam Weber

| Edge-2-Edge Thermoform

The think4D team would not be complete without their newest member – Accounts Manager and golf enthusiast Adam Weber. Playing golf has been Adam’s passion since he was old enough to carry his own driver and nine-iron, but he’s transferred that passion into his new role at think4D. To those who are unfamiliar with his job description, Adam describes himself as a Packaging Specialist helping customers decorate their products using a few pounds of creativity mixed with a sprinkle of think4D’s fun and colorful tools! He feels energized and maintains his sunny disposition with the assistance of delicious caffeine …. along with the knowledge and ability that he can help customers achieve their goals from concept to reality.

On a more personal note, and if you haven’t already guessed, Adam is a golf pro at heart and when he’s not working or thinking about packaging products his sights are on the golf course.  Other activities include pickleball, volleyball, baseball, and spike ball. He also admits that his idea of a good day includes weightlifting and taking the dog for a walk with his wife.  Adam lives by this simple but significant rule of thumb: When you say you are going to do something, DO IT! Your reputation and integrity depend on it.

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