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Elevating Customer Service in a Changing World

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~ by Lee Kowalksi, Accounts Manager

We can all agree that the world has undergone significant changes since 2020, for some of us more than others. One area that has been greatly impacted, in my opinion, is the quality of customer service.

As the pandemic unfolded, a decrease in human interaction became the new norm in many areas of our lives.  Computer assisted voice services are now widespread and it’s rare to hear a human voice on the phone let alone a face-to-face interaction!

  • 75% of consumers say customer service has worsened since 2020.                                                                                    
  • 78% of consumers have had to contact a company multiple times to address a single concern. 
  • 93% of Customer Service Teams report their customers have higher expectations for service than they can provide.

Having spent nearly four decades in customer service, I’ve witnessed both remarkable examples of colleagues going above and beyond, as well as unfortunate mishandling of situations. When I joined think4D, I was assured that “…we make customer service our #1 priority…” While this claim may sound all too familiar, I can genuinely confirm that it holds true here.

It is a MASSIVE understatement telling you how proud I am to have seen so many examples of great customer service at think4D. Frankly it would be impossible to list them all! It’s become incredibly clear to me why we have been so successful with our partners for 117 years!

Partnership is in our DNA at think4D.   

  1. When you succeed, we succeed.
  2. Your satisfaction is our top priority.
  3. Our extensive partner network ensures that we will exhaust every avenue to find solutions to any challenge.
  4. We communicate honestly about what can and cannot be done without wasted time and effort.
  5. Our curiosity drives us to invest in research and development making us the best choice for resolving your most difficult packaging concerns.

While I can’t promise you’ll never encounter voicemail or out-of-office notices when reaching out to us, I can guarantee prompt responses, and timely calls. No more waiting on hold or navigating automated messages!

You can expect two important things:

  • A request for a Teams Video Meeting or an In-Person Meeting allowing us to connect face-to-face
  • An opportunity to strengthen our partnership.

We genuinely value these connections and look forward to continuing our journey together.

A couple of examples of feedback we’ve received in 2024 so far:

“Thanks so much for sharing the presentation. I just received the sample kit and WOW!!!!  I am blown away!  My fiancé is an Engineer in the packaging industry and watched me unbox everything and his jaw hit the floor. You guys truly have some amazing services and are clearly awesome at what you do! “ 

“We are always on the lookout for good partners. We appreciate your style. It is a good fit with ours. 😊”

“We just received all the samples. It felt like Christmas! Thank you so much, these will be tremendously helpful for our client meeting on Wednesday. Have a fab day!”

“I have been in sales in the industry for 35 years – and am impressed with your samples, your responsiveness, and your capabilities.”

The point being, we are here FOR YOU. Because that’s what PARTNERS do.