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How Our Culture Impacts Your Experience

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A company’s culture is its backbone, and that is especially true at think4d. We are more than just a business, we’re a group of employee-owners that work together to build each other up, to build a community, and to build relationships. This influences every aspect of what we do, including the customer experience! So how does our positive company culture benefit you?

1. Quality and Innovation: think4D strives towards continuous improvement and innovation to offer superior products and services. This commitment to excellence means that you enjoy higher quality and more innovative solutions.

2. Exceptional Customer Service: At think4D, everyone is an employee-owner. As an employee-owned company, we have the freedom to prioritize our values ahead of profit, and we are influenced by our customers and our fellow employee-owners. Because of this, you will enjoy a more memorable and positive experience when you trust your project to us.

3. Community and Social Responsibility: We prioritize social responsibility at think4D, and we recognize that our success is intricately linked to the welfare of our employees, the local community, and globally. Supporting our local community, and the communities in which our employee-owners live, is a powerful way for us to make a positive impact beyond our daily work. You’ll feel a sense of belonging and pride when you partner with think4D.

4. Responsiveness to Feedback: We can only succeed if our customers succeed. So, how can think4D help you? What do you need from us to be successful? We value feedback from our customers and will adapt and evolve based on customer needs and suggestions. This means that our services remain relevant and customer focused.

We believe that our culture, backed by that of our parent company Friesens Corporation, is the critical element that shapes the customer experience. It’s not just about the bottom line with us; it’s about creating a positive and lasting relationship with our customers.

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