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Meet think4D

As Employee-Owners we lead by example, are driven to continuously improve, enjoy serving others, and act as stewards of our customers, our company, our community, and the world!

While we spend our days helping others share their story, we too have stories of our own that we like to share. Read on to learn more about the Employee-Owners of think4D.



Howdy! I’m Nic. As your sales rep I will “go to bat” for your products’ packaging.  One of the things I love most about my job is when I get to hear the story of a brand owner and help their vision come to life. It is such a satisfying experience to create partnerships that grow our company as well as our customer’s company. Outside of work, you can find me busy wrestling my toddlers while occasionally sneaking away for a round of golf or to watch the Blue Jays.

I’m Lee, and I’m one of the great Accounts Managers here at think4D.  My inner child still believes in NHL stardom, but my adult self has embraced this present job with enthusiasm! I’m motivated by the learning process of new experiences, meeting new people and by helping my team members move forward. I’m a firm believer in surrounding myself with positive like-minded people, where there is mutual encouragement to succeed and achieve the same goals. Being in sales involves a lot of great communication skills, and I feel confident that I could out-talk a four-year-old, which is not as easy as it sounds.

Aside from work, diet pop and Nespresso coffee, I’m passionate about spending time with my family, and my 2 dogs + 2 cats as well as watching sports and coaching hockey. My love for people and animals has moved him to support worthy causes such as Cancer Care and the Humane Society.

Hi there, I’m Adam, Accounts Manager and golf enthusiast. Playing golf has been my passion since I was old enough to carry my own driver and nine-iron, but I’ve transferred that passion into my new role at think4D. I describe myself as a Packaging Specialist helping customers decorate their products using a few pounds of creativity mixed with a sprinkle of think4D’s fun and colorful tools! I feel energized and maintains my sunny disposition with the assistance of delicious caffeine …. along with the knowledge and ability that I can help customers achieve their goals from concept to reality.

On a more personal note, and if you haven’t already guessed, I’m a golf pro at heart and when I’m not working or thinking about packaging products my sights are on the golf course.  Other activities include pickleball, volleyball, baseball, and spike ball.

Management Team

Welcome to think4D! Our team is excited to help you create stand-off-the-shelf packaging that delights your consumers. I’m proud to lead a great team of people that work hard to live up to our founder’s statement who said, “if our customers will be successful, we will be successful”. We do this through many years of manufacturing experience, and applying this experience throughout the packaging process, from design to after product support.  

I’ve served staff and customers throughout my 35 years in print in various roles of book making and packaging – today those include serving as a Director of Friesens Corporation while daily having the privilege of developing innovative packaging for food, beverage, and consumer goods companies. When I’m not geeking out on packaging, I’m enjoying time with my wife at our cottage. At times that includes our 2 children and 1 new grandchild. Fishing, quading, and snowmobiling are a regular part of our active outdoor life.

Hi there! I am the Administration Manager here at think4D and have the privilege of leading the admin team. I have over 23 years of service and leadership experience, and along with my team of employee-owners, we look forward to helping you showcase your brand and tell your best story! 

When I’m not at work, I can be found spending time with my family, reading, scrapbooking, or puzzling (while watching episodes of the Golden Girls on repeat!)

In my career at Friesens, I have had the opportunity to work in many different roles. Through these roles I have gained a passion for continuous improvement, creating systems, and learning new things.  As the Systems & Development Manager at think4D I get to do all these things! In my spare time, I like to fish, golf, and spend time with my family.

Hello, I’m the Operations Manager for think4d. I have spent the past 20+ years of my working life with my fantastic employee-owned company, Friesens Corporation. Together with our production team, I look forward to seeing your project through the exciting manufacturing process, providing you with a quality product with attention to detail.

Away from the office, together with my family, I enjoy the outdoors and sports. Camping, golfing, hockey, and fishing are just a few of my favorite ways to pass the time. Watching my family on the soccer pitch, badminton court and riding horses are also things I can never get enough of. Our team at think4d is excited to partner with you in manufacturing your upcoming packaging projects.

I have been with Friesens for 21 years, most of which have been working on the production floor as an operator…8 years operating a rigid box line and 9 years operating a thermoformer. My current position is Production Manager in the same division. We have a great team here at think4d which sometimes almost feels like family. The team here has a remarkable talent for getting it done!

I have been married to my wife for 28 years and we have 2 children. We enjoy getting out for weekend camping trips and the highlight of the summer is our annual road trip as a family to go see some of the many wonderful places of Canada and the United Sates. I have been involved in working with teens most of my married life, from coaching hockey, badminton and being a youth leader in our home church. It is a lot of fun and maybe helps keep me young.  Every chance I get I try to go fishing. Winter, summer doesn’t matter. I enjoy being out trying new lakes and figuring out where they are and what I need to do to have success.

I’m the think4d Production Manager.  I lead amazing people and manage the day-to-day production run from printing and converting labels, to thermoformed packaging, and all the way to premium boxes and slipcases. We make your products based on premium quality standards with an impressive delivery timeline. My years of manufacturing experience in the semiconductor packaging industry has been a great asset for me in helping the production team deliver customers’ expectations and achieve performance goals. Together with our team of dedicated and skilled people we are always happy to serve you.

Leading a production team is always fun (and can have some challenges too) but the amazing part is that we make your ideas and concept turn into a real piece. We desire our customers to be happy because it’s our joy as much as we desire our customers to be successful because it’s our fulfillment, that’s exactly how we make our day.

On a personal note, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two kids going around for food adventure and exploring places.

Customer Service & Technicians

I am a Packaging Specialist here at think4D. I have been a part of the printing industry for 25 years working in various positions. I love helping customers create great looking packaging to promote their products. I work with an awesome team that are dedicated to creating the best packaging in the market. When I am not helping customers with their packaging, I spend time with my wife and two kids. I am also a volunteer firefighter on our local fire department and spend time helping in various ways at one of our local churches.

Hi. I am one of the Packaging Specialists at think4d. I have worked in the print industry for 27 years in multiple roles and product lines.  Together with our entire team here at think4d, I enjoy helping our customers create their packaging needs and providing great looking products.  Our team are a great bunch of people with a feel of a family atmosphere. We all work together to help every customer achieve the quality they deserve.

When I am away from the office, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. My passions outside of work include golfing and coaching hockey.  For myself, coaching hockey to youth is very rewarding watching them develop their skills on and off the ice.

Our team looks forward to partnering with you in manufacturing any upcoming packaging projects you may have.

I enjoy meeting new people and I look forward to using my knowledge of rigid boxes and printing to help you build a box or slipcase that showcases your product and your brand. When I’m not at work you can find me touring around with my wife on motorcycle looking for the best burger or looking after our acreage. In winter I look forward to summer.

Once upon a time, a shy boy mustered the courage to ask for employment. Forty-two years later, I have performed multiple roles at Friesens Corporation, currently working with colour and ink support for our flexo press in our think4D division and as special projects research under Vern Bergen’s lead. 

I am a proud grandfather of three and enjoy being a child again together with them.

I am a Graphic Designer with over 17 years of experience. Opportunity brought me to Canada to work with amazing people at Think4D/Friesens and I’ve been a Prepress & Design Coordinator up to this day. 

I am responsible for all Graphics and Prepress activities. I set the foundation for successful printing production, ensuring that the proper format, appearance, and layout is set before the full print run with exceptional quality control standards and results. I create visual presentations, 3D sculpting, animation or motion graphics if needed. 

When I am not on my computer, I spend most of my time with my family. I play sports, video games and music with my talented son or watch movies or concerts with my wife.