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Luther Dryers

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How We Helped Luther Dryers With Their Next Chapter

This isn’t your Saturday morning lemonade stand that sits at the end of your neighbor’s driveway while an energetic 6-year-old pours the sticky liquid into Styrofoam cups.

This is a story about a centuries old family recipe that has stood the test of time and circumstance. The family of Luther Dryers could tell you a little bit about longevity, endurance and staying true to your roots, your product and your customers, because it all started with the grit and resourcefulness of one man who created his own lemonade kingdom – Luther Dryers.

Today, the lemonade legacy lives on through the vision and passion of great grandson Patrick Steptoe. Self-proclaimed Lemonade Guru, Patrick has expanded the family business and formula to include over 30 flavours of lemonade based on the original formula, currently distributed in about 600 stores in the US. The projection now is to launch a new hard lemonade in the US and Canada. This is where the ingenuity and packaging expertise of think4D comes in, because a good product will often become a great product simply through the magic of packaging. Patrick’s vision includes showcasing his array of flavorful lemonades by dressing it in a package that will make it jump off the shelf.

When Patrick first heard about think4D and saw some samples he was notably impressed, and even more so by the customer service aspect. In his own words, “…’s all about building relationships, as you deal with projects; ………and I think it’s important when a company can really get the vision that you’re trying to convey, as far as your packaging and a company that’s willing to listen, and at least have an interest, and not just be so tied up with what their perception of what your vision is. Those are some of the things that really swayed me. And I’m glad I have because the relationship is great, and we’re ongoing as we keep working on additional projects.”

When asked if he would consider future projects with think4D, Patrick was quick to highlight the next phase of his vision “a different kind of lemonade” that will require the packaging expertise of the think4D team.

In the meantime, any challenges or obstacles that presented themselves were only seen as opportunities to grow and remain focused on the goal at hand. The reward comes in the form of the end product, which is tried and tested formula wrapped in an exceptional package.

In summary, it all boils down to a simple truth: customer service is always key in a competitive industry, so when a company excels in that area, the end result is a satisfied customer with a great product called Luther Dryers Lemonade…. packaged by the talented team at think4D!