A TRUE Story!

think4D │ The Story behind the TRUE box! The box that your TRUE skates come in is designed to give you the feeling that you have something special, a skate designed just for you! Every detail in this box, from color to fit and finish, was designed to let you know that there is no better skate than the TRUE skate! The high-gloss varnish of the TRUE logo on a backdrop of crisp flat-black soft touch substrate and the bright turquoise accents and inlays bring this box to life. This box clearly shares the story of Scott Van Horne’s passion to make the best skates in the world, his signature prominently displayed on the box proving its authenticity.

Each corner is fit according to the highest standards of excellence TRUE to the nature of think4D’s commitment to quality. The high-end dust cover not only creates an additional protective barrier for the skates but its message cuts to the heart of every TRUE competitor.

Fit for Performance, #TrueFit.

Custom Rigid Box Custom Rigid Box Custom Rigid Box

Listen to Scott Share his passion to give you skates that fit just right!