Telescopic Box

Rigid Box: Telescopic Box

Telescopic Box Construction:
Telescopic boxes are produced in two parts: a base and a lid. There are two options for the lid: Full lid that completely covers the base or partial lid box that partially cover the base.

Samples of Telescopic Boxes:

Edmonton Oilers Play-off Box
Outside materials: Striking Orange Printed wrap with soft-touch lamination

Special Features: Logo is embossed with SpotUV, this simple box is an effective way to communicate brand and give your customer a premium experience.
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Cetaphil Winter Launch Box
Outside materials: This is a large telescopic box with plaid printed wrap and soft-touch lamination.

Special Features: Featuring an elegant ribbon closure and inserts that provide an exceptional presentation for the products displayed.
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Jenna Rae Cake Box
Outside materials: Light pink printed wrap laminated with soft-touch and finished with a foil stamp.

Special Features: This box is produced using FDA approved board for food packaging and is a full telescopic lid. The base displays a pattern for a uniquely branded look.
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