Clamshell Boxes

Rigid Box: Clamshell Box

Clamshell Box Construction:
There are two types of Clamshell boxes: 1-piece clamshell and 3-piece clamshell. The 1-piece clamshell box is 1 tray folded and scored. The 3-piece clamshell boxes are produced in 3 parts: two 3-sided trays that overlap with a case. Variation of the 3-piece: the bottom tray can be produced as a 4-sided tray.

Samples of 1-piece Clamshell Box:

think4D Sample
Outside materials: Solid color stock wrap with a foil stamp.

Special Features: This box is produced automatically and features a high-end look at an affordable cost.
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Samples of 3-piece Clamshell Box:

Tall Tales Long Lenses
Outside materials: Leather-textured foil stamped wrap.

Special Features: A perfect fit for this award-winning, limited edition book by a renowned Canadian photographer.
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