Rigid Box

Experience the think4D Difference!

Every detail is carefully constructed by skilled craftsmen, who take special pride in building beautiful boxes. There are a variety of specialty decorations, coatings and designs that will make your box standout and help you build a brand that is second to none.

In addition to decorations the overall construction of the box offers different variations: Standard, neck, foam inserts, paperboard inserts, ribbons….our qualified customer service staff can help you design a box that fits perfectly.

Advantages of Rigid Boxes

• Experience luxury every time you open a Rigid Box
• Unmatched customization for a premium fit & finish
• High-end feel while minimizing the environmental footprint
• Exquisite detail and quality workmanship
World-class Printers manufacturing wraps in-house

When you think world class… think4D

Engage your customer with a high-end luxurious finish and virtually unlimited decoration options. Our rigid boxes are engineered for a sturdy construction that will protect and secure your products. Add a custom insert for a premium fit and finish that will ensure the opening experience will be amazing.

Experience the think4D difference!
Employee-Ownership ensures quality and innovation is unmatched: every component is printed and made in-house and our prompt, friendly custom service offers quick turnaround.

– Exquisite detail goes into every box we make!

We believe that every time you open a box made by Friesens Packaging the experience needs to tell the story of the products within. We have learned after more than 100 years in business that every project has a story and we want to tell yours in the packaging we create for you.

So let’s tell you some stories about the beautiful packages that we have created for some amazing people over the years!

Click each picture to reveal the story!

Custom Rigid Skate Box Book Box Book Box

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