Thermoforming: Blisters
Promotional Image of think4D's thermoformed blister package for the Gillette Venus Razor - featuring textured decorations
featured package: Gillette Venus Snap Blister

Genuine tactile features create a new dimension of opportunities with think4D’s unique register-to-print thermoforming and print decorations. These special features bring packaging to life with a multisensory consumer experience.

Thermoformed features accent printed design elements to maximize product understanding on shelf by allowing consumers to effectively “see through the packaging” before purchase. The combination of design elements, material selection, and new technology delivers an efficient package that is stronger and lighter with increased shelf appeal.

Comprehensive blister design eliminates the need for labels and inserts with think4D’s direct printing and cutting edge thermoforming. This simplifies manufacturing automation and provides substantial savings in time and materials.

think4D patented technology achieves print-to-form register to within 1mm, essentially giving the customer the sculpted look that has not been available until now. This creates nearly unlimited decorations options: foil print, pearlescent finish, rub’n scent coatings, soft touch,

We have engineers on staff to help you find the correct gauge and thickness for the strength requirements and durability. Our engineers are experts in distortion to ensure printed graphics stay true during the forming process. Available in a variety of substrates like PET and PVC.



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venus snap propackage of gorilla glue