think4D Testimonials
“In fact, it’s as if the little shaving device itself is perched on top of the plastic thermoform.”
Pat Reynolds, VP Editor – Packaging World

“Something’s happening in a small Canadian town that’s shaking up the packaging industry.”
Kate Bertrand Connolly, Contributing Writer – Packaging Digest

“This was all about making the package an extension of the product itself, of extending product awareness into the packaging.”
Mike Marcinkowski, Principal Engineer R&D – P&G / Gillette

“The result is a cost-effective package with visual and tactile impact that stops shoppers in their tracks.”
Kate Bertrand Connolly, Contributing Writer – Packaging Digest

“This is quite affordable…. It’s not cheap. But, for what you’re getting, it’s a good value.”
Damien Dossin, President – HCP Packaging USA

“Possibly the most significant innovation in the print industry in the last 500 years.”
Frank Cost, Professor, Associate Dean Co-Director – Rochester Institute of Technology College of Imaging Arts & Sciences

“It is the quality at the detail level that sets this technology apart.”
Gord Griffiths, Former President and CEO – Quebecor Canada