In Mold Labels

In-Mold Labels

In Mold Label Quick Facts

360° Full Colour Brand Messaging

  • Regardless of Container Shape or Size
  • Expertly Pre-Distorted Designs Print Perfectly
  • Reduce inline packaging with injection molding and labeling in one-step
  • Superior durability and tamper-proof graphics
  • 100% Recyclable

Array of Safety & Decoration Options

  • Entire package completely recyclable
  • Unmatched Surface Decoration Capabilities Including: Visual, Texture & Scent

Industries We Provide In-Mold Labels For

One of our frequently asked questions centres around whether we help create printed labels for “my specific industry“, and since we serve such a broad spectrum, we thought we’d list some of the more popular industries that we are privileged to serve. If yours is not mentioned, be sure to request a quote so we can add you as our customer!

















Why think4D In Mold Labels

Bright rich colors, will have your product noticed first! Combine that with full body coverage that molds to any shape and this type of label will have your product noticed first. Another benefit of In-Mold Labels is that they are very durable and can withstand some of the harshest packing, transporting and shelving conditions so that your brand stays true from production to consumer.

think4D introduces surface decorations to in-mold labels, “Go ahead and bling-it up with glitter, foil, cast and cure…” we’ve got you covered for all the latest special effects.

Experience the think4D difference!
Our employee owners ensure that quality and innovation are unmatched in the industry. When it comes to equipment we test and qualify any new equipment to ensure top quality and reliability.

Label Comparisons

LABEL OPTIONS 360° Branded Design Accommodates Shapes Eco Friendly Security Features Waterproof

In Mold Labels: Design to Digital Proof to Distribution

Experience The think4D Difference

An Image Outlining think4D's Printed Label Process from Design through Printing to Distribution

think4D’s forte is a flexographic printing technique or printing on plastic. In addition to enduring In Mold Labels, we also print stunning Shrink Sleeves for cans, and bottles of any shape, as well as thermoformed packaging (blisters, clamshells, etc.) with a patented process that can print-to-form to within 1mm!  This technique is not only highly accurate, but makes for an exquisitely crafted, attention commanding product.
We’ve worked hard to ensure our process leaves you feeling as good about us, as you will about your labels. We’ll be with you every step of the way from design to distribution. Our dedicated sales, and customer support reps work alongside our team of experts in design and distortion, colour, ink, printing, purchasing, distribution and more. While shrink sleeves are becoming more ubiquitous, the think4D difference will always be unique.

In Mold Label Design

It starts with our design services. Not everyone offers this. But it’s a service our clients have found to be very beneficial, and we feel the same. Being involved from the start makes subsequent steps all that much easier. For example, if we’re involved during the design of your In Mould label, we can make suggestions based on their effects with material selection, distortion, colour matching, decoration selection, lamination, and printing. We have well-educated, trained, artistic designers who have been involved in every aspect from complete design to trusted advisor experienced with pre-distorting graphics for shrink sleeves, thermoformed, and In Mold packaging.

 In Mold Labels: The Pre Distortion Process

Creating your label design for an In Mold Label that shrinks to fit the contours of your package requires a little different process than your traditional label. As your design will be shrunk from the original flat 2D design, it requires us to pre-distort the image so that it looks as it should after shrinking over your cup, bottle or tub.

This is done using a variety of techniques but starts with a sample of your package. Then using grid samples, digital design and 3D rendering software we create a digital 3D model of it and then ensure the model matches the end product.

Have questions about whether your artwork will fit your package shape?
Connect With One of Our Experts HERE

Then, it’s a matter of being willing to work with you throughout the process to ensure that your project is a complete success; from prototyping, to line trials, and finally to distribution.

Read more about our complete Design to Distribution process HERE

In Mold Label Decorations from think4D

Inducing Love at First Sight, Touch, or Smell!

If our customer service and streamlined processes aren’t your favourite parts of your experience with us, we think our decorations might be everyone’s next choice. Anyone can put ink on plastic, but the decorations are the showstopper. Advertising is all about the senses – you need your In Mold Label to attract attention before passing on your brand message.

Take a closer look at each of our available decorations below. From the usual gloss and glow effects, to glitter, foil, textures and even scents!

To learn more about each of our decorations visit: think4D Decorations

Matte & Gloss UV

slider image


slider image


slider image

Holographic Foil

slider image

Cast & Cure

slider image


slider image


slider image


slider image


slider image

Mirafoil® Metallic

slider image

Kind Words From Customers

"My experience with Think4D has been awesome. As an entrepreneur, it helps to have capable partners and Think4D has been the best. The attention to detail and the willingness to listen to what customers want has been fantastic. I would recommend Think4D to anyone looking for high quality labels and sleeves. Trust me you won't be disappointed." - Patric Steptoe, Lemonade Guru – Luther Dryers


"Working with Think 4D I have found that their customer service, sales, prepress and production team performs at a high standard providing excellent quality of work.

They are willing to work outside of the box with new ideas and most importantly, they tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. I highly recommend using Think 4D, you will not be disappointed.” - Adam Pentola - Atlas Labels & Packaging

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