February 22, 2021 In-Mold Labels  

Improvements for In-Mold Labels

In-Mold Labels continue to be in the growth sector of the packaging industry. “The In-Mold Labels market is expected to reach USD 8.78 Billion by 2026.”, as projected by Fior Markets. In-Mold offers many advantages for packagers in sustainability and efficiency and as more producers enter the market many more developments and improvements are being made to the relatively new packaging option. think4D an award-winning printer, has recently added in-mold labels to their product list and has achieved many successes that have not been previously seen in the industry.

Known to any who are working with In-Mold Labels today, the sustainability improvements and contribution to the circular economy shows significant strides over other plastic packaging options. Common substrate between label and container enables the product to be both recyclable as well as eliminates the use of hazardous adhesives. This adds yet another level of improvement to the sustainable story.

Applying labels by hand or on a packaging line has proven to be a challenge, labels not sitting square or off-center detracts from the branding message that has been so carefully designed. In addition the extra staff and tooling to ensure the application is proper is costly and time-consuming. Time and Money, sounds like there is room for improvement, IML to the rescue… In Mold labels are applied in the molding process ensuring design is maintained, improved timeline and much larger branding space available.

Those are the benefits of IML now here is why you want to work with think4D…

Our process for die-cutting, offers precision cuts that offer tighter tolerances for the most challenging molds.  The near perfect cut for the standard labels, reduces waste at the molding stage, so more good labels molded means less cost, more packages and less time-loss. Give our labels a try and we will work with your molder to achieve the success you need.

Your brand matters and with think4D much time has been put into developing inks and coatings that give you the award-winning quality that you have come to expect from us. Our coatings are clearer which allows the vibrancy in our colors to shine through. The coating has improved anti-static properties further reducing waste in the molding process. We have achieved success where other producers have failed. Give our labels a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Lastly our print technique and coating performance has opened up the door to decorations and tactility for in-mold labels. We have achieved molding success for over-printable foils, glitter, pearlescence, texture, cast and cure and we are continuously developing new decorations. When you think innovation, think4D.

Get us working for you and you will have a team of owners who provide customer service like an owner.

think 4D a brand of Friesens Corporation is committed to the environment, striving to minimize our ecological footprint by making the best use of all our resources. We use our resources as carefully as possible – reusing and recycling whatever we can. Any waste that leaves our plant is recycled in such a manner that it can be used again.

Reduction in waste is apparent in the way we manufacture our products. For example, the advantages in producing In-Mold Labels (IML) revolve around print techniques that provide an improved quality in die-cutting accuracy. think 4D uses a distinctive printing technique that allows for several specialty coatings and effects to be printed on the substrate, creating intricate details and tactile finishes.

In-Mold Labels are a unique art form and effective marketing tool that will display brand messaging in vibrant full color graphics and a variety of tactile and decorative options. Injection molding and labeling are completed in a one-step process which means a considerable reduction of in-line packaging. In addition, there is improved sustainability with 100% reduction in labeling adhesives. The entire package is completely recyclable.

Further waste reduction can also be seen in our secret ingredient called “ink”. Numerous line trials and molding tests using these special inks and coatings focus on vibrant colors and clearer coatings. These formulas have shown improved and superior slip and anti-static properties.

The role of packaging in product marketing has become quite significant and competitive in recent years. Despite these challenges, think 4D remains dedicated to both customer and environment, respectively. Each deserves our attention and respect, and our team is up for the challenge. Our employee owners have a vested interest in the company from our production team to our management leaders. As such we take pride in the excellence of our products by ensuring that quality, and customer service are unmatched in the industry.