Inside Options

Diploma Holder Options
We have standard and custom options for the inside of your diploma holder. Listed below are the standard options.

Inside Panel Material

We offer three options for inside panels:

  • White Linen
  • White Silk Moire
  • Gold Silk Moire

Includes acetate film that will protect your certificate; 4 ribbon corners include 1 acetate film and 8 ribbon corners include 2 acetate films.

Custom options for inside panels

  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Stock
  • Wrapped Panel

Please contact your customer service rep to discuss these options.

Ribbon Corners

There are a number of options for ribbon corners, shown in the pictures above:

  • 4 Ribbon Corners for the diploma to fit inside
  • 8 Ribbon Corners on both inside panels


Standard Ribbon Colors:

White │ Black │ Wine │ Holiday Red │ Hunter │ Navy │ Royal │ Gold


Etching can be applied to White Linen panels only, this feature is available in color and black and white.