Venus Swirl Project

The Venus Swirl thermoformed lid incorporated a few decorations that provided different enhancements:

Forming Foil:

The formed silver ball brought further attention to this innovative razor that promised a swivel ball that allowed for greater contouring during a shave. Take note of the tight registration on the formed silver ball and also notice that the foil does not have stretch marks but is a clean silver ball.


The glitter used in this project added glitz and glamour attracting the customer’s eye on a shelf full of razors. The sparkle catches your eye under the bright store lights add that extra element of “I need to see what that is all about.”, prompting your customer to pickup the product.

Using Cast & Cure as a security strip:

The third decoration on this award winning project was used more as a security strip to ensure product authenticity. The Cast & Cure was applied to the sealing line and created an additional certificate of authenticity; without that strip you would know it  was not the original Venus Swirl.