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At think4D a Brand of Friesens, we are in the business of meeting our customers’ needs. While we remain at the forefront of graphic arts technology, our people make things happen. As an employee-owned corporation, everyone at think4D is committed to ensuring your experience is as satisfying as the products we produce.

Our customers and industry are changing, and so are we. Still, the heart of what we do and why we do it remains constant. As our founder said many years ago, “Friesens will be successful only if our customers are successful.”

think4D a Brand of Friesens Corporation

think4D® Inc. is a global leader in high quality direct printing, printed decorations, and registered-to-print thermoforming. Our outstanding plastic packaging solutions are created by integrating specialized print and precision thermoforming technologies, adding new dimension, product understanding, and excitement to packaging that is proven to enhance shelf presence!

In 2018 think4D and Friesens Packaging division combined, adding high-end rigid boxes to our product offering. This adds an element of luxury to any package while telling a story of the product within. Furthering our commitment to becoming a premium packaging company, in 2019 we added Shrink Sleeve and In-Mold Labels.

Our full portfolio of services assists in all stages of development from initial design to supply chain production, and as an employee-owned company we are committed to providing superior quality and service to our customers. New Jersey is home to our central sales office and all our products are manufactured within North America, giving us an advantage over our competitors with quick delivery and shorter lead times.

Although think4D’s technology was conceived and developed several years earlier, the company was bought by Friesens Corporation in 2009, and was quickly transformed from an invention into a patented manufacturing process with a high volume, state-of-the-art facility. As an internationally acclaimed book manufacturer with over 100 years of experience, Friesens Corporation acquired think4D in alignment with their growth strategy for expansion through additional print related business.

The fusion of Friesens’ passion for printing and think4D’s cutting-edge thermoforming technology is reshaping the market and setting new trends. Packaging is the first point of contact that consumers have with a product on the shelf, and it can have a significant impact on quality perception. At think4D, our goal is to prepare innovative, premium packaging solutions with decorated and tactile features to give consumers confidence from first “sight” and “touch” that they are purchasing a high-quality product.

Want more information on our company and process?  Check out the Introduction to think4D presentation for a full overview!

think4D Product Overview Presentation

Rochester Institute of Technology found that 3D tactile packaging increased the perceived value of a product by 50% compared to traditional 2D packaging, and that consumers are substantially more likely to choose products advertised or packaged using think4D technology.  See the full report for more details!

 RIT from Rochester University

Watch Clemson University’s Retina Tracking Study to see the proven advantages of plastic packaging! Their results found that plastic packaging is faster to find, receives more and longer consumer visual fixations, and consistently performs better than traditional box packaging in sales.