October 15, 2020 Print-to-Form  

5-Strip Blister for improved efficiency in packaging

Netspend envisioned a package that would stand-out in the crowd of other cards currently displayed on the store racks, and this package positions the brand as the premium option for reloadable cards. The design boasts a competitively priced package and sustainable options for a multi-SKU product with a variety of different brands.

By utilizing the spectacular packaging innovation from think4D, and the form to print register, it highlights the finite registration of this beautifully printed blister. The bright-rich colors used on this multi-tier printed blister is a striking contrast to the traditional paperboard packaging used by traditional card manufacturers. The enhanced security is accomplished through the proprietary sculpting technology of think4D. The high- quality print also communicates a higher perceived value prompting the consumer to ask ‘why’.

This package met each design challenge!

The CPI Netspend packaging displays exceptional attention to detail in the structural design. A 4-tier full face blister with trapped paperboard provides a secure tear-resistant package for this innovative product line of reloadable cards. The blister is printed reverse on clear material to protect branding. The package is designed to fit existing shelf and store display units and the card itself maintains the standard size to allow for easy use by the consumer. The fully sealed blister package is RF sealed for an improved tear-resistant seal and the small window at the back of the blister reveals perforations in the backer-card that allow for easier opening. A perfect design for clear tamper evidence. The think4D technology creates a tactile, multisensory, consumer experience, leveraging the memory effect of sensory branding.

New equipment was purchased and installed by CPI to achieve significant improvements in efficiency during the packaging process. This required close collaboration between package
engineering, graphic design, converter and packaging process in order to achieve the required precision for each of the packaging components. The parts are trimmed to 5 up for increased automation in filling and RF sealing, nearly doubled efficiencies on the packaging line resulting in significant cost savings. This innovative equipment and design made it possible to handle the volume commitments required by the customer.